DanceSpaceStudios started as a small dream in 2010 as owner/director, Stephanie Moore (Atchue) graduated college and was looking to find the next path on her dance journey. After much planning DanceSpaceStudios came to fruition in the summer of 2011. With a small team and a handful of class offerings, slowly but surely, we made a name for ourselves in the dance community. We hvae since had the opportunity to offer dance lessons to not only central Massachusetts residences but those in Rhode Island and Connecticut as well. 

Over the years our dancers, faculty and choreography has won the recognition of competitive organizations. DanceSpaceStudios was presented the Studio of Excellence Award and became a 2016-2017 Affiliated Studio of Dance Competitions and Conventions. Our students have attended regional and national intensives, conventions and programs and our alumni are currently either studying dance or participating on team at the collegiate level. Our choregraphy has consistantly been recognized at competitive events as original, clean and creative, as well as placing overall and taking top scores within their level. 

The future of our studio and our team is a bright one. This coming season we plan to incorporate more community performances into our yearly event schedule; currently our dancers perform locally at various college events, town fairs and parades. We continue to nuture dancers through our childrens programs and bring the very best instruction to those just learning to love dance. As we have in our seasons past, we will continue to teach proper dance technique, safe methods of dance, and the invaluable knowledge of dance history and the life lessons that stem from participating in dance class. 

Vision & Misson

The faculty at DanceSpaceStudios have a vision of offering a small yet efficient program for competitive and recreational dancers who want to strengthen and condition their bodies for all styles of dance. We see our dancers participating in well rounded lessons with an inspiring staff who can bring dance opportunities, networking, life lessons, and history to the classroom as well as pass on their true love and passion for this art form. We expect to build a strong team that has a solid foundation not only in dance but in friendship, sportsmanship and respect for one another. 

Our mission is to offer a complete program of dance to children through their high school years that inlcudes but is not limited to basic dance training, conditioning, improvisation, world dance, as well as compostition. Our faculty strives to make our dancers knowledgable about all avenues of dance, to remind them that the possibilities are endless and to produce not only young talented dancers but young ladies and gentlemen who will go out into the world with a confidence that no one can break and with life lessons that with help them in their daily lives and in future classrooms.