Registration fee is $25 per dancer, $50 family max. Due at registration in full, non-refundable. 

Tuition is based on the entire dance season. Classes begin in September and carry through to June of the next year. Tuition is split into nine monthly installments. Tuition is not calculated by how many classes are in each given month. 

Each family is required to have a credit or debit card on file. We accept all major credit cards including American Express. Every account will acutomatically be charged monthly tuition on the 1st of each month using your card on file. If you choose to pay your tuition by cash or check you must submit this payment to the studio by the last business day prior to the 1st of the month. If cash or check is not received by the 1st of the month your card on file will be charged. 

Families who have a past due balance for any other fees will also be charged on the 1st of the month if not previously paid. 

All accounts will be charged a $25 late fee if payment is not received by the 7th of the month. Parents are respsonsible for updating payment information, failure to will result in being charged a late fee. 

Our establishment does not accept personal checks. 

The child of any family whose account is past due may be ineligible to participate in class, and or our Showcase. 

Withdrawal from the studio must be in writing and submitted to the studio before the 1st of the month. Your family will be charged tuition for any given month if withdrawal is not submitted prior. Families who withdraw from the studio after December 1st will be charged a $125 withdrawl fee to their card on file. 

All refunds, if given, will be presented in the form of a studio credit/gift certificate. Credits are non-transferable. Registration fees are non-refundable. Tuition will only be refunded and credited to account if proof of injury are presented. 

Families with more than one child are eligible for a family discount, 5% off each additional childs monthly tuition rate. 

Annual tuition paid in full by September 15th will be given a 10% discount. 

Families who refer a friend (not a sibling) will be entered (one ticket per referal) into a raffle for four front row tickets to our annual Showcase. 


Our studio offers only competitive programs to dancers ages 4-18. Our recretaional class offerings include Mommy & Me, Creative Play and Boys Only Hip Hop as well as Adult classes. For more information about those programs please see our Programs tab.

All dancers are required to audition for our competition program. Auditions are offered for current students in June, new students are welcome to audition between June and August. Dancers younger than four and those enrolling in our Boys Only Hip Hop are not required to audition for mini session programs. Each dancer is charged an annual, non-refundable, $25 audition fee. This fee is NOT your regsitration fee for the season. 

Dancers who are unable to audition on the given date and time will be required to participate in a private or semi private audition at a private lesson rate of $40hr each. 

Our faculty will place your child in an age and level appropriate company. We offer a Mini Company (4-6) Junior Company (7-11) Recreational (12+) and Teen/Sr Company (12+). There is no audition requirement for our Recreational Company. Not all dancers who audition will be accepted into a company. Dancers must currently perform at the level of each company to be accepted onto our team and must participate in a trial class with our current team to ensure our faculty that they will be a good fit for us and that our team will be a good fit for you!

While each company program varies in offerings, all dancers must enroll in all required classes for their level, no exceptions. 

As we are a competitive studio, we require all dancers to hold their training as a first priority amoungst other hobbies and sports.  

Dancers in our company programs will perform in 1-5 group routines depending on their level. Costumes will be needed for each group that your child is performing. Dancers may also learn additional routines in their classes for our Annual Showcase, those costume fees will be highly reduced and not due until Spring. For full company costume pricing please email the studio. 

Dancers who are new to the studio must submit specialty requests in writing (solos/duos/trios) Current dancers who have performed with us for one or more seasons will be offered specialites after their auditions, but may also submit any further requests to the studio in writing. Mini dancers must be 5 years of age and have 1+yrs performance experience to learn and perform a specialty. 


Our staff is available to speak/meet during studio business hours only. We advise parents not to contact our staff through social media or personal email. The studio will not answer social media inquiries about billing.

Dancers are expected to attend their regular classes, exceptions will be given to students who have mandatory school/religious events. Dancers will not be excused from rehearsals for sports or for work. Dancers who are part of a school dance program must present any class/event conflicts before the season begins, the studio expects that those dancers will make our competition events their first priority if conflicts arise. 

Due to our tight schedule we are unable to offer makeup classes to dancers, because of this we urge dancers to make attendance a priority. Families will not be refunded for missed classes. 

Our facilty has the right to use any and all media that is taken or purchased by the studio on our website and social media pages to promote our choreogrpahy and recognitions. If a child withdraws from the studio we continue to hold the right to use these images or video to promote our faculty's talents. Dancers who receive a custom made costume through Born2Shine Designs, our sister company, will be photographed. Their image and likeness will be used to promote that brand and by registering for classes at DanceSpaceStudios you agree to those terms. 

Weather cancellations will be made by 2pm on any given day. Families will be emailed and we encourage you to check our social media pages, specifically Facebook, for updates. In the event that dance must be cancelled consecutively two or more weeks, makeups will be offered to families. Makeups will be scheduled during vacation or at a different day/time. 

We covet our studio space and strive to maintain a clean, friendly, and positive atmosphere for our dancers to rehearse in. We ask that our families follow in our footsteps and bring only good attitudes and open minds to our space. Our studio has a remote office, and no waitingroom. If you do have any issues with our services, staff, or your childs progress we encourage you to schedule a private meeting through email. Any families who are deemed to be a negative addition to our teams or who are found to be pressuring, threatening other, or spreading gossip about our business will be asked to leave immediately, their postition on the team void.