Registration fee of $25 per returning dancer, $30 per new dancer, $50 family max is due at registration, prior to enrollment. Also due at registration/enrollment is your first month of tuition in full.

Tuition is based on the entire dance season. Classes begin in September and carry through to June of the next calendar year. Tuition is split into nine monthly installments. Tuition is not calculated by how many classes are in each given month. Tuition will not be pro-rated for sickness, weather, or withdrawal. 

30 day notice for all withdrawals are required to avoid additional charges to your account. No exceptions. 

Each family is required to have a credit or debit card on file. All card charges will be assessed a 4% convenience fee. 

Families who pay their tuition early or on time will be given a $25 discount. Those who choose to pay their tuition after the due date will pay their tuition payment in full. Dancers whose tuition is not paid in full by the first class of the month will not be allowed to participate and may be asked to sit during their lesson if a parent is not present to make a payment. 

Our establishment does not accept personal checks for any reason. 

Credits on all accounts are void as of June 1st of any given season. Credits may not be used to purchase Showcase tickets. Credits are non-transferable. All fundraising will be applied to families accounts as a credit. Credits will always be applied to the most past due item(s) on your account. 

During bad weather the studio may close the studio, Tuition will not be refunded for classes that are not held due to weather related cancellations. The studio will not make up classes missed due to weather related cancellations. In cases where the studio does hold classes when weather is questionable we ask parents to make a safe decision for themselves and their children on traveling to the studio. 

Costume fees are due in two installments in September and October. Further costume fees may be due in Spring of any given season, all of which will be outlined and emailed to all families prior to the start of our season. Questions about costumes and fees should be directed to Stephanie specifically.

Dancers who are interested in performing with our company groups must paritipcate in a class audition for our faculty to see their abilities, potential and the way they interact with our current team dancers. Class auditions will cost said family the hrly rate of tuition, email our studio for more information, 

Our faculty reserves the right to make any and all decisions regarding class/team placements, performance levels, music and costume selections as well as group and specialty pairings. Our faculty has years of experience and a college background in dance education and we encourage our families to trust in their abilities and to know that we have our dancers best interests at heart. 

Those who participate in any specialty are required to meet with their choreographer weekly. Specialties will be offered to dancers who have displayed the ability to be responsible and work hard independantly. 

Our studio has the right to use all media that we take during class and events for our website, social media pages and any media pertaining to marketing and advertising. 

We covet our dance space and strive to maintain a clean, friendly, and positive atmosphere for our dancers to train in. We ask that our families follow in our footsteps and bring only good attitudes and open minds to our space. If you do have any issues with our services, staff, or your childs progress we encourage you to schedule a private meeting through email. Any families who are deemed to be a negative influence on our teams or those who are found to be pressuring, threatening, or spreading gossip about our business will be asked to leave immediately, their postition on the team void. We do not tolerate hate or hateful actions/talk.